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Buying a Home

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We'll guide you through the mortgage application process to get you into your new home.

Looking for pre-approval?

Getting pre-approved tells realtors and sellers that you're serious about buying.

What can you afford?

Crunch the numbers to see what your monthly payment could look like or how much you may be able to borrow.

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New and existing Citi customers may qualify for lower interest rates or discounted closing costs on a mortgage.

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Get a $500 credit toward your closing costs when you apply for a Citi mortgage.*

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The steps to buying a house

Buying a home is exciting and filled with possibilities - and some big questions. Use our helpful guide to get the answers you need.

What kind of mortgage fits your needs?

Find out more about the different mortgage types, interest rates and loan terms, so you can make a more confident decision.

The mortgage application process

We don't think applying for a mortgage should be a frustrating experience. Our breakdown of the mortgage application process will help you prepare for each and every step.

Your mortgage learning center

What's included in a monthly payment?

We'll walk you through the different parts of your monthly mortgage payment and help you understand each one.

What do closing costs cover?

Plan ahead by getting an overview of the different kinds of costs and fees typically paid at closing.

What is amortization?

Find out how amortization works, and see the impact of your monthly mortgage payments over the life of your loan.

How much house can I afford?

Use our home affordability calculator to get a sense of home prices you can afford.

How much can I afford to borrow?

Use our home loan amount calculator to figure out how much you should borrow based on what you can afford to pay each month.

How much can I save by paying off my mortgage early?

Find out how much you can save over the life of your loan by making extra payments.

What will my monthly mortgage payments look like?

Get a sense of what your monthly mortgage payments could look like.

What makes condo and co-op mortgages unique?

From applying to qualifying, see what's different about condo and co-op mortgages.

What are fixed and adjustable rate mortgages?

Take a look at the differences between fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs), so you can decide which rate type is best for you.

How does my credit score affect my mortgage options?

Find out why lenders look at your credit scores and the steps you can take to improve them.

What are points?

Mortgage points are fees you pay at closing to lower your interest rate. Learn how they work to see if they make sense for you.

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